Monday, April 16, 2012

Meeting Brantley Bagwell

We finally got to meet baby Brantley on Easter weekend. Amanda, being the super mom that she is, invited the whole family to her house (before Brantley was even two weeks old) to have lunch together and do a little Easter egg hunt. She is way more of a trooper than I am. I would've never invited my kids over to a house as they definitely disturb the peace. But, she is way more of a natural at being a mom than I was. Anyway, it was fun to see our boys around their first cousin. Harrison, was sweet and I expected. Fisher was the opposite and looked like he wanted to eat Brantley. Actually, looking at him in the "cousins" picture with Nana and Papa, it looks like he did eat him. They were both super cute, nonetheless. And Brantley seemed crazy small to me, but my last baby was the size of a six month old when he was born, so it is hard for me to compare. And well, we tried to get a good picture of the grandparents with their three boys. I couldn't find a good one (in 15 of them), so I chose one that made me laugh...see Fisher.

Easter Shots

For Easter, I thought I would get Sass to take some pictures of us out at Boone Hall since we would be all dressed-up. In my efficient mind, that made so much sense...until I realized what time we would have to be there. And actually, it all would've worked out if Fisher had not face planted within two minutes of being there. For him to recover was next to impossible. But either way, Sass worked her magic and did a great job. You can see some more here. Thanks Sass. I'll love and treasure these forever.