Thursday, May 28, 2009

Checking Off Our List

As our days are numbered in Colorado, Adam and I are trying to do things that we either love to do or never got a chance to do since we have been here. One thing that we absolutely love is going to Rockies games. We are certainly going to miss how fun (and cheap) going to baseball games can be. We decided to go yesterday with Harrison. I think this is Harrison's 4th or 5th game, but it was the first one this season. And yes, it is much harder to enjoy the game with him now (which is a theme for the stage he is in right now). However, we did enjoy it for the time that we were there. Harrison got new sunglasses and he was so excited to wear them. As soon as we put them on him, he would just start babbling and waving to everyone he saw. Its like they were confidence building glasses. He even sweet talked a guy that works for the Rockies into giving us pretty good seats without having to pay the price for them. Whatever works!


Adam thought it was too funny when the lint roller got mysteriously stuck to Harrison's back. Adam called it Harrison's jet-pack. I haven't heard Adam laugh that hard in a long time. I'm sure the laughter was due to Harrison's complete oblivion to what was happening.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weird Stages

Over the past 6 months or so, I find myself asking questions like, "is this just a stage?" referring to Harrison's latest antics. Usually, it is just a phase. Cutting teeth, learning to sit after standing, or whatever it may be, at the time, seems quite monumental (which often leads to another question, "will we ever get through this?"). Right now, Harrison is in a stage where it takes him a while to warm up to people and along with that, he doesn't like things out of the norm. Obviously, this makes me a little concerned considering our upcoming move, but I'm sure that will be fine. More alarming is that when we are hanging out with friends who have kids (a little bit older than him), it takes him so long to want to leave our arms. Albeit, all of the kids are girls. Maybe he just has an aversion to little girls right now. That's okay with me. Little girls are louder (than him) and run circles around him. I can't blame him for that. And it isn't that he has a hard time socializing, but he just has a longer adjustment period to new people than I anticipated. I guess it is partly (or maybe, wholly) separation anxiety, but I am just not sure. While I love that he feels safe with me, I am just crossing my fingers that he will grow out of this before too long.
Thanks to Adam's cousin, Jim, for this picture. I hadn't really realized it until recently, but I have a million pictures of Adam and Harrison, and not many of me with him. From what I understand, that is fairly typical of moms.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Grand Performances

This seems totally normal to him.
He can't figure out why we are taking his picture.
Harrison and Adam doing the latest "trick" together

This kid is getting more and more hilarious. He is doing things, on purpose, to make us laugh. I had no idea that at this age he was capable of performing. He certainly has become quite a performer. Recently, he has started this new "trick" where he rolls around on the floor, pauses (as if to play dead), and then moves suddenly, trying to alarm whomever is watching. I'll look over across the room, and Harrison is just "resting" on the floor. Before I know it, he is flopping around like a dead fish.

However, yesterday I learned that not all performances are so grand. We were at the post office trying to mail a package and Harrison was not letting me put him down to wrap the package. I set him down on the floor momentarily, turned away, and I thought a bee had stung him by the wail that he let. Turns out, he was fine. Well, I had to return to the post office a couple of hours later as I forgot to put something in the package that I was sending (Harrison must have distracted me from the task at hand). I approached the lady at the counter and said, "I don't know if you remember me, but I was in here a couple of hours ago, and I'm not sure if my package has been picked up yet, but I forgot to put something in it." At that moment, I picked Harrison up and put him on my hip (previously, he was out of her view). She looked at me and said, "I don't remember you, but I remember your needy son." What?! My son? She must be mistaken. Mine is always an angel. I just stood there, slightly offended, but then I remembered his not-so-grand performance that he put on early. Trying to make excuses I said "oh, well yes, I think he was tired. Now he has had a 3 1/2 hour long nap, so he is much better." She pointed out that he must be cutting a molar because she noticed him tugging at both ears during his previous visit. Thanks Dr. USPS lady. I'm not sure she redeemed herself from her previous comment, but Harrison did. He smiled and flirted with all of the USPS personnel. Waving goodbye as we were leaving, surely they would remember him as a sweet boy, not the needy baby.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Harrison's Betrothed Is Here~

Harrison's message for Emerson
Trying to capture our excitement

I think he is pretty excited!

Okay, so my very best friend, Allison, had her sweet baby girl last night. Her name is Emerson Grace Reed. Allison and I have been planning for Harrison and Emerson to get married since we found out she was having a girl. I'd like to say that I am exaggerating, but I am kind of serious too. This arranged marriage idea doesn't sound so bad now that I have a child of my own.
Anyway, we couldn't be more thrilled that Emerson and her mommy are healthy.
Here is the weird part:

Harrison: due date (March) 25th...arrived on (March) 19th
Emerson: due date (May) 25th...arrived on (May) 19th

Harrison: I checked into the hospital the night before to be induced and labored all the next day with very slow progression
Emerson: Allison did the same exact thing

Harrison: arrived at 9:02 pm
Emerson: arrived at 8:58 pm

Harrison: 7lbs, 12 ounces; 21 inches
Emerson: 7 lbs, 11 ounces; 21 inches

I'm just saying.... I know it is kind of ridiculous, but also kind of crazy how similar everything is.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Fun Faces of Harrison

Now, that he is walking, this sweet face is even cuter to mine.
He is so proud of his walking-skills. I'm thankful he wasn't an early walker.
Still so proud of walking

I haven't been able to get him to wear sunglasses until today.

Now, he won't take them off.
They are his walking goggles.
I'm sure he would take them to bed with him if he could. did this one get in there.
This is what happens when you wiggle away from mom
mid-diaper change.
Harrison is getting into everything these days. This is presenting a problem since I am trying to pack up our house. I don't know why I wanted him to walk so badly. We aren't even a week into it and he is walking around like he is the big man on campus.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Week

Adam and Harrison at the petting zoo at Magnolia
Getting ready for the Ghost Walk

In the kayak, but not in the water yet.
Adam is chomping at the bit to teach Harrison to play in the water.

At the petting zoo...Harrison is keeping his eye on the incoming peacock.

Driving a golf cart at Magnolia

Harrison and Nana...gosh they look alike

Harrison spent time on the ground during some of our tours.

A week ago today, we flew to Charleston to surprise Adam's mom (aka Nana) for mother's day weekend, her 50th Birthday, and her 30th Wedding Anniversary. It was such a fun surprise. We pretty much got to be a tourist in Charleston (where we lived forever) and do things that we have never done before. A ghost walk and a tour of Magnolia Plantation were just a couple of festivities for the weekend.
On Tuesday, we found out that we will be moving back to SC! We are so excited. We will be moving to the Murrells Inlet/Pawleys Island area in less than a month! Adam will take over the Murrells Inlet Chick-fil-A on July 1st. I have a feeling that this next month is going to be a whirlwind. already is. The thought of packing makes me want to vomit. Anyway...the biggest piece right now is selling our house. We would appreciate prayers that we would sell our house rapidly. We did find a little house to rent on Litchfield until we sell this house and find a house we would like to buy.
Finally, Harrison is walking...He is walking everywhere. It is a little slow, but he finally figured it out. I think it has a lot to do with Nana and Grandma spending lots of time teaching him how to walk and not letting him sit down. Actually, it has everything to do with that.
So, it has been a big week. We can't wait to move and we are so proud of our little walker.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Dirty

He definitely kept his PJ top on today.
I didn't want his pale little arms to get burned.
Adam says this is his "Mr. May" picture.

Well, we can add one more thing to the list of why Harrison is such a boy: all he wants to do is play outside. Maybe that is what all kids want to do. I know that I loved to get dirty and play outside, but I was quite the tom boy. When I returned home from Louisville this morning, it seems as though, overnight, Harrison decided that outside is the only place for him. He stands at the back door and fusses until we go outside. He will do the same thing next to our front door. Its like he has picked up some habits from our dogs. Hopefully we won't start going to the potty outside!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pool Fun

We all went to the pool yesterday and had a blast. I'm dying to get Harrison in swim lessons, but my crazy schedule doesn't allow me to commit to something every week. Harrison loves the water, especially when it involved splashing around and blowing bubbles in the water.

Boys Will Be Boys

While I was out of town last week, Adam got to hang with Harrison and do whatever boys do. Adam took a couple of pictures and sent one to me last week while I was working. It was titled, "Boys Will Be Boys." Anyway, Harrison played in the dirt and rocks a lot. Notice the over sized clothes Harrison has on.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who Does He Look Like?

Mandy...around age 2, I guess
Adam, age 2

Everyone always asks me who I think Harrison looks like. Everyone mostly says Adam. We think Harrison has my coloring, but for the most part, he is a little Adam. Adam's mom sent us a picture of Adam when he was 2 years-old. I have to say, I think he looks just like Adam. She mentioned this picture, especially the profile part, looking like Adam. I had no idea how similar they would look. I tried to find a picture of myself, but it is hard to find something since I was the last of three children. You know, all of the professional pictures were wasted on my sister and brother. Wait, I don't mean wasted. I mean, well, I didn't get as many. Anyway, what do you think? Seems pretty obvious to me.