Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harrison @ Grandma Puff's Dance Class

My mom teaches a tap dance class at her church. I've never had the opportunity to see her in action, so Harrison and I decided to join her last night at class. We had a ball. Harrison tried to sit for a while, but he just got too excited and had to "sweep up the competition." Harrison loves to dance. Albeit, his dance looks a little like Elaine on Seinfeld, but it certainly is a start. He helped his grandma play the piano, and he tried to keep the ladies in rhythm with his. It was a sight to behold. The videos really don't do it justice.
On another note, I have to apologize to our avid blog followers (if those even exist). The month of June has escaped me as it kicked off with emergency surgery on June 1st, followed by a move across the country, then a work trip for a week to Colorado and California. There have been a lot of great times that Harrison had with his Nana over the past month and I just didn't get to document them. Sorry Nana. Anyway, I will get back on the blogging train as soon as I get settled into my new house (which I will move into today). Yippee!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Water Boy

Loving Bath time. You can see 8 of the whopping 10 teeth he has now.

Still Loving Bath time

Running through the sprinklers with Aunt Amanda & Uncle Billy

Having FUN in the pool at his cousin's 5th Birthday party

Climbing the waterfall

Harrison loves the water. Which is a really good thing since we just moved to the beach. He is just now learning to hold his breath under water, so that is making life easier. Actually, I don't know that he would do it immediately the next time we go swimming, but he is getting the He relishes the opportunity to splash and play whenever he can.

Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt & Harrison on the hammock
During the corn incident

Harrison loves his uncle Matt. Harrison takes Matt toys that he wants him to put together. He loves to play with him and watch his every move. I still think they look a lot alike. However, Matt has sworn to be the uncle that will teach him bad habits...i.e. Matt got Harrison to rub his hands in his hair while eating corn...it was a mess. I guess everyone has that sibling (or sibling-in-law) that loves to mess with the kiddos. Unfortunately, I'm going to do the same to him! Sweet Revenge!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harrison & Emerson Sitting In a Tree...

Emerson and Allison (aka...Harrison's future mother-in-law)Harrison was really into touching Emerson gently.
Well, he was as gentle as a boy can be.
Sweet Baby Emerson sleeping in Harrison's Nana's arms
*Harrison was not fond of the idea of sharing Nana with anyone

Harrison thought it would be fun to sit in the infant carrier

K-I-S-S-I-N-G. It is true. Harrison and Emerson had their first date last night. As soon as Harrison laid his eyes upon Emerson, he signed "Please." It was too funny. Later on, he gave her a couple of kisses. It was very sweet (see pictures on the Reed Family blog). I would say their first date was a success. Both sets of parents supervised. Albeit, Emerson slept through 99% of the date, but she does seem to sleep through a lot these days. We had a little follow-up date today, and Harrison was just as enamoured with her today as he was last night. I will definitely need to teach him how to play it cool in the future, because he wasn't so good at it today.
On another VERY IMPORTANT note, my other best friend, Ashley, had her little girl, Tatum Elizabeth, tonight. Everything went really well. And from what I can tell, Harrison is going to have his pick of the litter...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures from the Road

Sleeping on Day 1. Man, I was thankful for this.
Harrison getting a kick out of pretending to drive.

Partners on the road!

Stopping in Knoxville to have lunch with Laura

Sleeping Day 3
Harrison was an angel on the trip. There were times when he got a little fussy, but he certainly was much better than I could have imagined. Even though there is no picture of him sleeping on Day 2, he definitely did it. He slept so much that I listened to a book on CD on Day 1 and Day 2 and I was so bored on Day 3 because I didn't have another book.

Bye Bye Colorado

Our massive U-Haul...we had the biggest truck towing the biggest trailer.
Adam is unofficially the greatest truck driver ever.
I think that I was explaining to Harrison that we didn't have to be pale anymore!
Our little family leaving our home in Colorado.
I can't quite figure out why I am standing like that.

Chewy was not allowed to participate in this family picture as it was on the side of I-70 and surely she would have become roadkill if she got out the car.

Harrison and his Nana. She was so glad to bring the family back to SC.
She said..."Take my picture, because I'm not coming back!"

Well, its official. We've moved from Colorado! After a delayed departure (twice), we finally got on the road on Friday. We arrived in Charleston late Sunday night. It was really sad to leave our home in Colorado. There are so many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever from Colorado...most importantly, the birth of our son. Pulling out of our street definitely was bittersweet.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Harrison's Adventures

Harrison with his latest accessory
Flashing this smile has turned into a performance

"Helping" daddy pack a box

Trying on Nana's reading glasses

Our house has been turned upside down by the moving process. I'm not sure if Harrison can sense that something is going on, or maybe it is because it is a full moon, but Harrison has been acting slightly crazy. He has gone berserk (not sure that's a real word). He has been hiding toys in boxes that we are packing, putting cleaning supplies under Nana's bed, and carrying my purse around (among other things).

I am definitely ready to get settled into our beach house and find some sense of normality. I think Harrison may be ready for that too.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First 14er

View from our drive.
You can see the dark clouds that was our storm when we got to the top.
Harrison & Adam at the top. Yep, it was snowing!

Before the recent "bump in the road," we made a trip up to Mount Evans. It is a 14,000 ft mountain here in Colorado that has the highest paved road in North America. You can drive to the top. Driving to the top of it was on our list to do when we found out we were leaving Colorado. I never hiked to the top of a 14er, so I thought driving sounded like a great alternative. However, driving on a two-lane road that is more like a lane and a half at that altitude can be very frightening. There was a point when I was driving when all I could see was a small portion of the road. We were going around corners, where just over the side was straight down. I'm not sure I can accurately describe the fear of driving off the side of a mountain at any given moment. Anyway, Adam's mom, Harrison, Adam, and I all experienced our first 14er together. When we got to the top, a ranger rolled down his window and told us that the safest place for us to be was in our car because there was a high risk for lightening strikes. Ugh... it didn't take me long to get back in the car. So, we got to the top and didn't take many pictures because there was a storm, and frankly, we didn't want to get struck by lightening.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Bump In The Road

Well, we experienced a little bump in the road this week. We were planning on leaving Sunday to head back to SC for good, but I had a little emergency surgery late Monday night that will prevent us from leaving. I went to the emergency room Monday at 5:45 pm because I was having severe pain in my pelvic area. Actually, I was trying to weather the storm all day, but it just got too bad. I called the on-call OB at my doctor's office and she said, that I had two options. I could bleed to death tonight or I could go to the ER. I thought the latter of the options was the better option. I had previously taken a pregnancy test that came out positive, but we found out shortly thereafter that something wasn't right. I thought that I was just miscarrying, but when I got to the ER, we found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy, where the baby grows in the fallopian tube. By midnight, I was in surgery to have that tube removed. So now I am down a fallopian tube. No big deal. I can still get pregnant, but it just may take a while. It has me thinking of how thankful I am that I have a perfectly, healthy boy already. Of course, my hope is that I can have another baby one day, but if not, I have this gregarious little boy, that is full of life and brings me (and everyone else) so much joy.

Now, I am just recovering at home. I am unable to do much. I can't pick up Harrison, which breaks my heart. However, he doesn't really want to be picked up at all. He is all over the place and into everything right now. I am not even sure that he has noticed that I am immobile. Thankfully, Adam's mom is here to take care of him.