Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Choke-hold

So, I put Fisher in his only Holiday outfit this morning for church. Then, I decided that I should dress Harrison in red and green. Apparently, this decision was made with zero regard to style...while in church, I realized that Harrison was wearing a turtleneck with a v-neck sweater. I'm aging my son in his clothes. He looks cute...but a little like Mr. Rogers.
Harrison, I'm sorry that I did this to you. When you get older, you can put it on the invite to a holiday theme sweater party at your apartment. Thanks for not fully choking your brother on the church lawn while we took this picture.

Christmas Performance & Sillyness

Harrison had his Christmas performance on Friday. He moved from the role of an angel (in the 2 1/2 year old class) to the role of a sheep (3 year old class). The funny thing about this is that the four year old class plays the part of the shepherds and they each have a sheep to lead into the "manger." If you look closely at the picture, you can tell that Harrison is a head taller than his shepherd. I thought this was hilarious. But Harrison is taller than that whole class almost.
Our conversation later that day in the car:
Me: Harrison, why is Fisher fussing?
H: Mom, I think he lost his mind.
Me to Adam: (laughing) Harrison has started to say some pretty clever things these days.
Me to H: Harrison, who taught you to be so funny (hoping that he would say me, of course)?
H: God.
Me: What? God taught you to be funny? What did he say?
H: Yes mom. He just told me to be silly. That's it.
Me: Thanks for clearing that up.

Monday, December 5, 2011

11 Months

I cannot believe we are rounding the corner and we are almost to a year of Fisher being in this world. The funny thing about being pregnant is that everyone tells you that your forget about how fat you are and childbirth, the whole shebang. Not true. Not yet. I remember this time last year being so large and so thankful that I had maternity pants that stretched as I consumed more food last holiday season than a person should ever consume. But I loved it. And I don't regret it. Yum Yum. Thinking about it makes me want to go eat right now.
Our little nugget is developing more and more personality. He thinks he is funny. He is so stubborn. Punishment doesn't work for him like it did for his very obedient older brother. He also is stubborn...did I mention that yet. He wants to try things and do things on his own time. And right now, he puts everything in his mouth...I mean, here for more on that. It really is so bizarre as he is on the other end of the spectrum from Harrison in this aspect. One thing is certain...Fisher loves his big brother more and more everyday. Seeing them interact brings absolute joy to my heart. And I'm certain that Harrison was made to be the older brother...he is such a rule follower (more of expecting others to follow rules) and is so sweet with his little brother. He has a sweet, gentle spirit that I'm forever thankful for.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The O Face

Yep, that’s right. I said it. The “O” Face. But what else are you supposed to call this? Fisher is really into this face right now and it cracks us up whenever he does it. He even says “oh” when he makes the face. Priceless. And really, he cracks us up all of the time. I started to say Fisher was a "nut" one day and now Harrison is all over that nickname. The unfortunate (and funny) part is when Harrison combines Fisher's nicknames, "Fish" and "Nut." This too makes me laugh...a lot.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All Saints Day 2011

All Saints Pre-School celebrated All Saints Day just after Halloween (I'm a few weeks behind...I know). The kids had their annual "performance" which last year, if you blinked, you missed it. This year, Harrison got a lot more into his "performance." Though you can't tell from the lack of smiles, he really did a great job "performing." Most of all, he was proud to lead his class in as Noah's ark. He reminds me at least twice a day that the animals came "two by two."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011






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So, we had a great time trick-or-treating in a neighborhood in Pawleys. Harrison definitely was more into it this year. However, he was done after a few houses. And I wasn't totally upset by that. I mean, now I know why I was sent on my own as soon my parents felt comfortable with it. I'm ready for candy-duty. Fisher was a chicken by default (a costume that has been passed down). I actually do love the outfit, and as soon as we tried it on him, Harrison named him "Chicken-Fish," which made me laugh until my stomach hurt. I know that it isn't that creative, but I'm still laughing right now as I think about Harrison calling him Chicken-Fish all night. Fisher spotted another kiddo in the same outfit and immediately gravitated towards him. This kid is two and is about the same size as our Chicken-Fish. Chicken-Fish wanted to eat him and get his hands all over him, while the other chicken was not as interested.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Incident

I sent him to school looking like this...

Well, this week has been interesting. My team from work came to town on Wednesday for three day planning retreat. I sent Harrison to school and told him that I would see him later. I arrived at the beach house for our noon start time, and just two minutes later, Harrison’s teacher called to tell me that they thought he might have lice. Now, I received an email from the school two days earlier that there had been a lice outbreak in the kindergarten class. I didn’t think much about it. I had never had lice (at least I don’t remember a lice incident) and Harrison had not either, so I just dismissed it. I don’t get worked up over much…especially something that I know nothing about. Well, I should have. Insert Adam and Linda to save the day. I couldn’t do anything. I sent him to school looking cute (so cute that I even took a picture that morning), and I didn’t know that they took pictures, but since uploading my pics to the computer, I found that they documented the lice treatment (and I couldn’t resist the temptation to blog about lice since it is such an invigorating subject). Adam told me that they took care of it. But good grief, it is a process. And we still have to treat again (it is a part of the process). I’m going to need some help next Wednesday on this. Lice is a pain. I itch. I haven’t found any lice yet on Adam or myself. It still makes me itch…incessantly. And it is amazing how much you learn about the little critters so quickly. Annoying, but not harmful to your health…which is the most important information.

Relationship Woes

I’m not sure if it is obvious, but one party in this picture is super jazzed about what is going on…the other one is more along the lines of skeptical. It isn’t too hard to figure this one out. Marley and Chewy are forever weary of the boys. Marley is afraid of loud noises. The boys only make loud noises. Chewy preferred life when she was the only child, so she has been a little grumpy since Marley entered the picture five and a half years ago. So, her life has spiraled out of control with the addition of Harrison and Fisher. The best part about these said relationships…the boys love the girls (the dogs)…no matter what. It makes for entertaining interactions.

Piano Man

For Harrison’s first Christmas (at nine months of age), Puff sent him a piano. Brilliant, right? Well, the jury is still out on if this was indeed a brilliant gift, but it has certainly been enjoyed. If anything, it has left me yearning for piano lessons as soon as possible. That’s right, my boys will take piano lessons. Harrison’s already been to gymnastics, so judge away. Anyway, now that Fisher is at the ripe age of nine months, it only makes sense for us to introduce him to it as well. And he loves it. He loves to bang on it…at a whole new level. He loves the noise, is super cute while he does, and drives me to medication afterwards. That’s okay. Look how cute that face is…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Festival





Brookgreen Gardens Fall Festival.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nine Month Update



I love at this point in a baby's life acknowledging that he or she has been out as long as he or she was in the womb. But I just realized, that isn't true. Frankly, you are pregnant for 40 weeks...I'm not mathematician, but that doesn't add up to just nine months...just saying. Anyway, we went to the doctor last Friday for his check-up and he passed with flying colors. However, the most bizarre thing happened: when Fisher got his two shots, he just stared at the nurse with a death stare. I've never seen this face. But he looked like he wanted to stab her. He didn't cry. She said that was the first time that ever happened to her. I tried to imagine what he was thinking by putting an imaginary bubble over his head with his thoughts...they all had nasty words in them. So, I'll keep them to myself. Here are my man-baby's stats (he's overtaking Harrison):
Weight 20 lbs, 13 ozs, 50th percentile (this was shocking to me...I was sure he was more)
Height 30 1/2 inches, greater than 95th percentile (not shocking...he's super long...wearing 12-18 months)
Head 47 1/2, 94th percentile (explains why shirts are a little tricky over the head these days)
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Such a Distraction




I was working in the yard yesterday with Fisher by my side, which presents multiple challenges at his age. He likes to put everything in his mouth. And since he is on the go, you can't really just put it out of his arm's reach. And in the yard, there are multiple hazards...plants, insects, dog name is out there, and probably not okay for even a moment in his mouth. I brought his stroller out, hoping it would be a distraction and just let him investigate it. He loves to check things out that aren't toys (I find this very annoying). So for about 30 minutes, he just stood by his stroller, playing with everything. I walked over to look at him and his eyes just captivated me. I can't believe how beautiful his eyes are. And as cheesy as it sounds, when I look in his eyes, I can see the joy that he has for life. So yes, maybe I'm bragging about my boy's eyes. But moms do that.
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A Rarity



Since Fisher was five months old, he has almost refused to nap anywhere but his bed. The newborn stage is so easy when they will nap in their car seats, etc. Fisher is my strong-willed child. Even if he is dog tired, he will stay awake. I think he is afraid of missing the action. Adam and I were saying how fortunate we are that we have a baby that, when he gets tired, laughs excessively. He doesn't cry. He just laughs...a lot. So when he is refusing to nap on the go, he's darn cute while he refuses. All that to say, yesterday, we managed to get him to sleep in the stroller while at Harrison's soccer game. This was most definitely a rarity. I could have stared at him for hours.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brotherly Love



If you haven't been able to tell from what I've said so far, having two kids in the house is totally different than just one. All of the craziness that comes with it is totally worth it when you see how much your kids love each other. Harrison loves Fisher better than I ever imagined he would. Sometimes he loves a little hard, but he has the best intentions. It's amazing how your once only child, now oldest child, really steps up to the plate. They grow up overnight. And then sweet Fisher thinks that Harrison hung the moon. Nothing gets a bigger smile and laugh out of Fisher than Harrison antics. It truly is so sweet to see.
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