Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Short Hiatus

Out blog will be on a short hiatus while Harrison's parents go on vacation. Trust me, we will be back and I am sure that Harrison's grandparents will take numerous pictures of him while we are gone. So, to the "Meet Harrison Brantley" faithful, fear not, we will return soon.

On another note, Harrison will be 7 months old tomorrow. I cannot believe it. 7 months ago today, Adam and I checked into the hospital to be induced (well, I was induced, not Adam). I remember the car ride to the hospital was so bizarre. We talked about the next time we got in the car, we would have a son with us. It was kind of a funny/exciting/scary feeling. Adam's mom was at our house and I remember telling her that we would be back with her grandson. Now, I cannot imagine our life without little Harrison. We are going to be without him for nine days and I am going to miss him SO much. I have no doubt that he will be spoiled rotten when we pick him up, but that's what grandparents are for.

Adam was in charge of picking out his outfit for the plane today and this is what he picked out. Adam thinks it is so cool. You know we bought this Indiana Jones shirt because people ask us all of the time if we named him Harrison because we love Indiana Jones. Adam does love Indiana Jones, but that had absolutely nothing to do with what we named him. I think it should be a general rule of thumb to not name your kids after people in Hollywood that you like. So, those are my thoughts. We'll be back.

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