Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Pictures

Last week, I took Harrison to the park, and as usual, I had to pry his little hands off of the playground. I think he should be the next poster-child for Osh-Kosh.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun With Friends

Harrison & Shep were fast friends.
Harrison fishing with the boys

the boys and the dogs taking the beach by storm

Harrison was trying to tell me that the dogs wanted to go to the beach too.
He was right.

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to spend the weekend with the O'Neals and Vincents. This also included meeting Shep Vincent for the first time. Man, he is a cute kid (despite his dad...just kidding Thad). The weather was a little chilly, so it was low-key weekend which made time for lots of chatting and eating (both of which I am exceptionally good at doing). It was so fun to spend time with our friends and made me wish for my old college days. I am just so thankful that after being away from friends for a while, it is so easy to just pick up where we left off.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Little Construction Worker

Every time we go to Charleston, Harrison's Papa has some little project that he is working on for the day. Usually, Harrison can't wait to get into the mix. On this particular occasion, a bell was being hung on the back porch. As you can see, Harrison has "his" screwdriver, in hand, and ready to go. Aunt Amanda and Uncle Matt-Matt were on hand to supervise. Looks like the perfect construction site. I keep on telling Harrison to "watch out for what you wish for," because before too long, his Papa really is going to be putting him to work!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

SC Aquarium... The Fifth Dimension Style

Harrison, Adam and I visited the SC Aquarium last weekend and had a ball. Other than Adam changing out the lyrics from "Aquarius," to "Aquarium" and singing them everywhere we went, it was great. Harrison loved looking at the fish, but seemed to be more interested in climbing on everything or putting his hands in the water (particularly in the places where it visibly said, "do not touch the water"). Adam and I explained to Harrison that the Aquarium is where had our wedding reception and how much more fun it is in there once the sun goes down. I mean, the fish are still there, but there is a super-fun party going on.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tractor Time

Recently, on a couple of rainy days here, Adam and I have taken Harrison to Home Depot to shop (or play...whatever). He loves to play on the riding lawnmowers. In fact, he loves it so much, that he pitches a fit when it is time to leave. But, we discovered, it is a great way to pass the time when you can't play outside. So, when Nana and Papa (Harrison seems to be calling him Papa like an Italian little kid, so we may nix Poppy) bought a riding lawnmower recently, I knew Harrison would be in heaven. Man is he ever in tractor heaven. Again, we are confronted with the problem that he wants to ride on it (or even just sit) and NEVER get off of it. Now we just need to get him a yard for him to mow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cherishing Moments

Another "say cheese" face

Warning: this post may be a little ooey-gooey (you know, from the heart). So last night as I was headed back home from work, I had a little scare. I fly all of the time (literally, way too much). I don't really think that much about it. I have actually gotten quite comfortable flying. I wasn't ever really uncomfortable flying. Well, last night on our final approach into Myrtle Beach from Atlanta, just as we were getting close to the runway, the pilot pulled-up, and we went straight back up into the sky. Immediately, I knew that was odd. Then, I heard, what sounded like, the wheels going back up into the plane. So, I knew something wasn't right. We then circled the airport for the next 20 minutes (seemed like forever) almost repeating what I just explained. Up and down. Up and down. There was a point when it actually looked like we might have to make a water-landing in the Atlantic (no one actually said this, but we got quite close to the ocean at one point). If our little plane had TVs, I really envisioned us watching ourselves on the news, while on the plane, trying to land without wheels (i.e. Jetblue, recently). I'm not going to lie; I thought that I might actually die on a plane. Which isn't altogether unfitting since I spend more than half of my time on a plane. Either way, I started texting Adam. Yep, I got my cell phone out, used it while in the air. I didn't care about dumb rules at that point. Okay, so obviously, we landed and everything is okay. All we know is that something was wrong with our landing gear. Kudos to the pilot who got me on the beloved ground safely. I couldn't sleep last night because my heart rate was SO elevated. Now, that I tell the story, it seems more like an exciting experience, but it did not feel that way last night.
So, obviously, when we contemplate our last moments on earth, it makes you question a lot of things. Sure, I'd be okay. I'd be in heaven with my Maker. I'd say that is more than okay. But at that moment, I was begging God to let me see Harrison and Adam just one more time. All I wanted to do was take those moments back when I had my laptop or cell phone out, working, instead of spending time with my husband or son. I was disgusted that I would put my family on the back burner for work. What a horrible trade! I understand that in life, there are responsibilities that you have to deal with, and work is one of those. Anyway, today when I picked Harrison up from school, we ate lunch, as usual, and then it was time for his nap. I went to put him down, and then I decided that I just wanted to cuddle. So I laid on the bed in his room (yes, there is a bed in addition to his crib b/c we are in a furnished beach house), and he just flopped down on top of me, with monkey in hand. He actually wanted to be held. But the whole time, I was choking back tears because I was so thankful that he was holding me. So we just laid there, he went to sleep, and I just looked at him. It is different to watch an toddler fall asleep versus a baby. I don't know how to explain it. I would have stayed and probably napped too, except that he started snoring like an old man. I made a pact, right then and there, with Harrison and with God, that I would never put trivial things in front of God and my family. It isn't worth it.