Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday

Telling everyone he is 2

H giving Tatum a sloppy one

Aunt Maggie as we like to call her; she isn't a 'real' aunt, but we love her like one

Harrison and Adam opening up his workbench;
we learned a good it first

Harrison waiting to devour his "dump dump" cake

On March 19th, my sweet boy turned two years old. I cannot even believe it. I kept saying to Adam, "Can you believe it has been two years?" It truly is unbelievable how fast it goes by; now when people say, "he'll be driving before you know it," I think they may be right. Anyway, so for Harrison's 2nd Birthday, we had two parties. No, that doesn't mean next year he gets three. On Friday, we celebrated at Chick-fil-A with Harrison's friends from school and others we have met since we arrived. It was so fun to celebrate him with other little kiddos; well, until he had a head-first run-in with a little girl on the playground. Then, on Saturday, we celebrated Harrison with our families, which is why we moved back to SC. It made me so happy for Harrison to have all of his grandparents in the same place. This just would not have happened in Colorado. Next year, we just have to get the aunts and uncles down to celebrate. One thing I learned this year is that I definitely have to appoint someone to be the photographer prior to the event. What was I thinking? I hardly have any pictures! Last year, he hated when we sang Happy Birthday; this year, he asked for us to sing it again.


Joan Brantley said...

Hard to believe it has been 2 years! Glad you are closer! It has been a true blessing. Being a grand is far better than I could have imagined! Love all of you.

Leah said...

He is just so darn cute! Can't believe that you have a two year old already!!! Love you girl!