Thursday, March 11, 2010


I've seen this idea on a couple of blogs, so I thought I would emulate it to fit the subject of my blog.
  • 22--average number of times Harrison asks me to watch "Cars" everyday
  • 6--number of minutes Harrison watches "Cars" once I do oblige
  • 0, 1, 3 --differing number of times Harrison poops each day. This is important as regularity in bowel movements (same time of day, everyday) is a readiness signal for potty-training. If this is, indeed, a necessary readiness signal, it's a miracle that I was every potty-trained.
  • 400--average number of times I hear the words "no" and "mine" daily
  • 10--number of times Harrison protests that he can do something on his own daily
  • 9--number of times I have to respond and help when Harrison previously insists on doing something himself
  • 8--number of times Harrison twirls over and over again before falling down
  • 4--number of push-ups Harrison can do alongside Adam (with his knees down, of course)
  • 11-number of blueberries Harrison can put in his mouth at once
  • 35--number of times Harrison says "uh-oh" if he temporarily misplaces his monkey
  • 19--average number of times Harrison says "more" after seeing one dump truck pass us on the road


Sass said...

he is so so stinking cute! Can I come visit?

The Brantley Family said...

Of course you can come visit. Just tell me when...

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Oh, I disagree about the number of times he says "more" after seeing a dump truck - or tractor - or big truck. It's more like 100 times!