Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Time

Harrison rode on the paddleboard with his dad all day long . They went out a pretty good ways, and every time Adam returned to shore, Harrison would say, "turn back, turn back daddy." This kid seriously loves the water.
I'm sporting my golden sunglasses for my golden birthday.

Our attempt at a family picture while the Reeds were in town. Harrison is about two seconds away from taking a nose dive, which is why I am incessant about Adam holding onto Harrison so tight. The poor kid just wants to be in the water.

Between potty training and traveling, I haven't really had time to snap any more pictures of my cute boy. And while I want to update everyone on potty training and my new method, I'm waiting for it to work, so I can have a positive post.

On another note, you know how Celebrity Gossip magazines have like "most searched for names" which usually start with Angelina Jolie or Lindsay Lohan? At least, "my friend" tell me that they some time have stats like that. Clearly, I would never read that trash while I'm sitting on a plane trying to clear my mind of Chick-fil-A, Harrison, or things that need to get done around the house. I would never do that. I digress. I'm just mentioning the most searched because two of my friends on my blogroll happen to have updates that include the Brantley Family. And since I am unable of crafting a post with my own pictures, I thought I would borrow their photos and direct you to their blogs.So, please visit The Reed Family to find out more about our fun vacation with the Reed Family. And also visit Barbara's posting about Memorial Day Weekend (slash my golden birthday weekend in Charleston). I've stolen some pictures from their blogs so I could have something to put on my blog.

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