Monday, August 16, 2010

Backyard Fun

This past weekend, we visited Lexington, SC to help celebrate my grandma's 85th birthday. My grandma is a force to be reckoned with, and could possibly be my hero. My new favorite aspect about her: she can hardly hear. It makes for the greatest conversations, especially when she tells you what she thinks you said. She has always had a hard time understanding me as I have been told that I am a mumbler. Either way, it has set me up for success in this part of her life as I'm used to her asking me to repeat what I've said. Anyway, so I stayed with my Aunt Lorri (who is 19 years younger than my mom) and has a son that is about five months older than Harrison. I guess that makes them second cousins. They played outside really hard (notice the abundance of sweat on Harrison). Not mentioning their pool and cabana, they have an awesome trampoline and playhouse in their back yard. I think I need both. I grew up with a trampoline that provided hours of entertainment for me (and freedom from whoever was inside). I love them. In fact, I'd love to jump right now except for the knowledge that I would pee my pants every time I bounced (because of baby two in my belly). And something tells me you aren't supposed to jump on a trampoline when you are pregnant. The trampoline I jumped on was rectangular, with no sides, and usually, exposed springs. Harrison looked like he was in prison behind the netting of this trampoline (that happened to be spring-less too). He didn't care. He kept on tackling Jonathan, and couldn't understand why he wasn't getting tackled back. He is already in big brother mode. Now that I know that I am going to have two boys around, a trampoline and an outside fortress are a must. So, grandmas and grandpas, that is what Harrison wants for Christmas. Actually, we've already talked about getting him a swing set thingy, but Adam wants to build it. I tried to have Adam pay attention when I asked Lorri where they got their set and she responded "they even put it together for us while we were out of town." What a dream, I thought. I don't think Adam even heard it.
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Leah said...

I highly recommend both. and Neil built Jack's and actually didn't take near as long as I thought. They will provide hours of outdoor out of my hair entertainment!