Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lake Jocassee

Harrison and Adam "tubing" together.

The family minus Nana and Papa...we need some more kiddos in this picture!

Pure Joy. This kid loved the water.

On another hike. This was a more mild than our Aspen hike...or maybe it was the presence of oxygen that I appreciated. Harrison loved it...again. He kept on telling us that he was climbing big roots. And he repeated "big roots" about 100 thousand times.

Catching a fish...sort of hard to see. Adam taught Harrison that it was okay to stretch the the truth when someone asks you how big the fish you caught was.

We just returned from the Brantley (Adam's immediate family) Family vacation a couple of days ago. The trip took us to Lake Jocassee; a gem of a lake. I highly recommend everyone visiting this lake during a vacation at some point in their lives (preferably August). It is absolutely beautiful with clear water and lots of hidden waterfalls. We spent the majority of our time just hanging around the dock, floating in the water, which could possibly be heaven on earth for me. Harrison absolutely loved swimming in the water. In fact, he got more exhausted than I have ever seen him. He also got more beat-up. This poor kid came back with so many bumps and bruises that I'm sure we are getting some funny looks as parents. But I guess all of that is part of being a boy.

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