Friday, October 15, 2010

What's Been Happening

Our life is absolutely loco at this moment. Adam is really busy at work while he makes up for lost time for when he was training. And I have been busier than ever at work. I'm on the home stretch before I can't travel anymore! Yippee! Harrison also had a bout with hands, foot, mouth disease which sounds really gross. And I guess it really is. But pretty much he had a bunch (like probably 30) of ulcers in his mouth and then some bumps on hands. It is a virus that is super-common in pre-school age kids. The ulcers were preceded by a really high temperature. But the worst part about it is that it just lingered forever. Harrison wouldn't eat or drink (he lost three pounds in three days, which is a lot for a 35 lb kid). If he had gone another day like that we would've had to take him to the hospital for IV fluids, but thankfully he turned a corner just in time. These pictures were taken before he got sick. Now his face looks much skinnier. Anyway, he is on the mend now. Oh, and we found out he is a carrier for Strep throat...not sure what that means, but I suppose it is a good piece of info to have about your child.
On another note, Harrison has pretty much decided that he doesn't want to talk about baby Fisher. He has to bring it up. If you ask him about it, he pretends he didn't hear you. I'm sure this is super-normal, plus we have been talking about it forever (probably too long) and he probably doesn't believe that he is ever going to get to meet Fisher. Just yesterday I was asking about where he wants to sit in the car when baby Fisher comes. His response, "baby Fisher stay in momma's belly forever." Uh-oh. So, if anyone has heard of any great books or tips on preparing a pre-schooler for a new baby, please let me know.
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