Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Grief, I love these folks




If you haven't followed my blog for a while, you don't really know who these lovely folks are. This is my dad and step-mom Linda. They have been around; I just some how always forget to take pictures. They live in Murrells Inlet now to be close to family and they are probably getting more than the dose of grandkids than they anticipated. They usually come over for dinner once a week, watch the boys at night once a week, and Linda watches the boys very often. They truly are a God send. We really love having them close by. And Harrison gets so excited when they come over. So excited, that last night when we had them over to celebrate their joint birthdays (they are nine days a part), Harrison met them at the car to tell them we got them a birthday cake (which was a surprise). Awesome. I love to see his excitement. Fisher is excited too...I think partly because they love Fisher like he is one their own...and partly the facial jewelry (glasses) they both wear. It warms my heart to know that Harrison and Fisher will grow up knowing their Grandpa Gus and Grandma Linda. We love y'all and Happy Birthday!
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