Thursday, March 22, 2012

4th Birthday Post

Dear Four Year Old Harrison,
Your father and I are so proud of the little boy that you are developing into these days. It's so neat to see certain characteristics that we assumed you have and to see that we were wrong in some areas or exactly right. I often describe you as caring and cautious. And for my oldest son, I'm so thankful that you embody these characteristics. These two things make you a phenomenal older brother and a great helper for your parents. You love your brother more than I imagined you would have the capacity. He makes you smile as soon as you see him (and the same goes for him). You want Fisher to be a part of mostly everything you do as the best time during your day is when you get to play with him. You obviously like your alone time to so you can play with your toys that have small pieces. Your frustration with Fisher comes here because of how deliberate you are in your play time...Fisher is like a monster that destroys your toy cities. Other than that, you never get upset with him. For that, we are so thankful. You have such a tender heart and want to be loved by everyone. And you are keenly aware of other's emotions which surprises us all of the time. You often ask us if we are happy of if we are disappointed in you. People always comment on how observant you are. You remember everything...crazy details. This is amazing and nerve-wracking all at the same time. You are initially shy, but always confident. You are always up for a new adventure...especially with your dad. You want to do whatever your dad does. You want to get dirty, climb fences, pretend you are in the Army, make fires, and camp with name a few things. You are all boy and the desire of your heart is to be outside.
There are moments when I want to bottle you up at this age. When you tell me that "you saved a cuddle for me" or you ask so sweetly if I will cuddle with you for a couple of minutes in the morning, I beg the Lord to remind me of these days. For I know, these days are numbered. I love that you never fail to tell me that you love me everyday. I love that you tell your brother numerous times a day how much you love him. I love how you get a little teary eyed if your father or I walk out of the house to leave and you forget to tell us bye. And recently, I've seen you turn into such a big boy as you fight back tears in situations where you really want to cry, but try so hard not to.
You are already changing into such a big boy that I feel like life is passing us by so quickly. I hope you know, forever, that your father and I love you no matter what. The Lord made you just the way you are because He thought it was a great idea. We love how the Lord has knit you together.

Mom & Dad

4 Year Check-Up Stats
44 lbs, 8 ozs: 93rd percentile
43.6 inches: 97th percentile

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