Thursday, March 22, 2012

Harrison's 4th Birthday Part 1

We originally weren't going to do a party for Harrison's birthday because we were taking him to Disney. However, I realized that since every kid in his class has a party, it wouldn't hurt for us to have them to Chick-fil-A after school on his actual birthday. Not to mention, it is actually going to cost us money to have a party for one of our kids at Chick-fil-A after this year. Wowzers...we still haven't wrapped our heads around paying for Chick-fil-A yet. Anyway, we had a fun little party for him. It was 100% stress free for me and 100% fun for him...that's all that matters.
On another note, I took him to the doctor the day after his birthday. Parents take warning: the four year check-up has four vaccinations. He won't have them again until he is 11. Thank God...four year old shots are a lot tougher than any newborn/toddler/etc.

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