Friday, March 21, 2008

Harrison Day 1 & Day 2


Amanda said...

I have the cutest nephew!!! I can’t wait to meet Harrison. Everyone is still in our thoughts and prayers. We love you!!

Leah said...

He is so adorable!!!! Harrison has a beautiful complexion and such sweet blonde hair! Hope you are getting some sleep.
Love you

Garrett said...

Straight up Mandy...I would give my pinky toe to be there. I love that little baby so much already I can hardly stand it. The Lord is so amazing and so good!!! We love you all so much!

The Reeds

mary dupre said...

what a precious miracle! can you believe he was just inside the womb?! praise God from whom all blessings flow! so thrilled for y'all! md and rb

Rebecca B. said...

Mandy & Adam I am so happy for you! You have been blessed with such a little angel. He is so so cute. I can't wait to see you all.

Love, Rebecca B.

Liz said...

he's so beautiful i had tears in my eyes looking at these pics! and that's a big deal. i love him and i hope yall are getting as much rest as you can. Praise the Lord!
love you lots!

Marcia said...

He is precious! We look forward to seeing the little guy in person.
So glad he is here safe and sound. We will continue to pray for all. You can tell he is a Brantley!! Love you all
Aunt Marcia and Uncle Ron

South Carolina Disability Advocates said...

He is even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined!! I cannot wait to come see him and hold him. Maybe I'll have to extend my stay for MONTHS!

gwenp81 said...

Laura sent me your blog address. Awww...he's is just precious! What a handsome baby boy. Congratulations, new little family!