Sunday, March 30, 2008

Male Bonding


Leah said...

How sweet. Jack's favorite toy is the remote. He now knows how to turn the TV on and off and turn the volume up and change out they learn how to use it at a very young age. I can't peacefully watch any shows anymore because someone wants to change channels on me! Harrison is super cute. I can't wait to meet him? How are things as a family of three now?
Love you guys!

Mandy Brantley said...

The family of three is adjusting well. It is still hard to believe that we are parents!

Caroline said...

i can‘t believe how alert Harrison is in the pictures... already holding a remote at 2 weeks! He is going to be a bright one. I suppose the debate now is whether he get it from his mom or his dad :)
Regardless, if Adam has any sense at all, he will say that Harrison gets it from his mom!