Sunday, September 28, 2008

Indian Peaks, Longs Peak, & Estes Park

Our little Brantley family spent the day in the mountains doing a little bit of hiking. I know, big time shocker! We finally broke down and bought a much needed kid carrier pack. I am not sure what the technical name is, but that is what I call it. So, we decided to break it in today. Harrison seemed to love it. He loved looking at the trees and water the entire time we were hiking/walking (I say "hiking," but Adam says we were "just walking"). From the kid carrier pack, he had a great view.

As a total aside, I finally took my cousin, Laney's advice on shoes for babies. She told me before I had Harrison that the only shoes that she could find that would actually stay on Ethan's feet were called Pedipeds. Since the weather is cooling, I thought it was time for Harrison to wear shoes. All of the ones I have here pretty much slip off fairly easily. So, I looked up Pedipeds and I ordered a pair. I will have to say, I paid more for this pair of shoes than I really wanted to. I had full intention of returning them if they didn't work. Well, they do! It's a miracle! Harrison wore them for 10 hours today and they never came off. That is just short of a miracle in the Harrison Brantley Chronicles. He only has one pair and he will only have one pair. They are too expensive to buy more than one. I say all this to let everyone who may be reading this blog that has a baby, to just save your money and buy this one pair of shoes. I thought I would pass on the advice that was given to me. Anyway, that's it for my tangent on infant shoes.


Leah said...

Those shoes are great! He looks so grown up and super cute! Are these mountains like in "your hood"? Way cool for sure! I sooooo have to come and visit....although there will be no putting my little stinker in one of those packs and me carrying him up any mountain...i would fall over from a heart attack!

Sherry Martschink said...

I get to see him in a few days! Can't wait! I am SO excited.