Saturday, February 28, 2009

Harrison & Marley

Harrison practicing his downward dog
He's learned how to be gentle. We've only said the word "gentle" a million times.

Hopefully I have a good solution to Marley's depressed state that she has been in for the past 11 months. Since Harrison has come along, the dogs don't get as much attention as they used to. Marley has been quite dramatic about it spending many hours perched on her dog bed. Harrison really started to take to Marley when he was about seven months old. At first he was really into Chewy (I think it was all of her hair), but I'm assuming he realized that Chewy couldn't care less for him. Anyway, Harrison loves Marley and I think Marley likes him too. I remember going on a walk a couple of weeks before I had Harrison, and I saw a little boy romping around his backyard with his chocolate lab. When I saw him, I immediately thought of my unborn son that would be playing with Marley in a couple of years, and I got a little choked-up about the thoughts. Clearly I was slightly emotional during the last couple weeks of pregnancy. Anyway, I think my vision for them being best friends is coming to fruition. If you listen carefully to the video, you will hear me say that Marley is giving Harrison kisses. Well, as soon as he heard the word "kiss," well, you can guess what happened.

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Leah said...

super cute...i hope that one day bear will lay down and just let my babies play with him...i don't see that happening ANYtime soon....