Monday, June 15, 2009

Bye Bye Colorado

Our massive U-Haul...we had the biggest truck towing the biggest trailer.
Adam is unofficially the greatest truck driver ever.
I think that I was explaining to Harrison that we didn't have to be pale anymore!
Our little family leaving our home in Colorado.
I can't quite figure out why I am standing like that.

Chewy was not allowed to participate in this family picture as it was on the side of I-70 and surely she would have become roadkill if she got out the car.

Harrison and his Nana. She was so glad to bring the family back to SC.
She said..."Take my picture, because I'm not coming back!"

Well, its official. We've moved from Colorado! After a delayed departure (twice), we finally got on the road on Friday. We arrived in Charleston late Sunday night. It was really sad to leave our home in Colorado. There are so many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever from Colorado...most importantly, the birth of our son. Pulling out of our street definitely was bittersweet.

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Joan Brantley said...

Colorado is beautiful and a very nice place to visit! I have visited often and loved every minute of it! You have welcomed me with open arms and I do appreciate it!! Having you home is a dream come true. You have worked hard to get this far. Welcome home to SC!! I love you guys very much!!