Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Will He Choose?

Harrison signing "please" for Tatum. Big shocker.
I'm not sure why he has a bib on in this picture. He hasn't worn one like that for months.
Oh well...I can't explain these things.

So, I thought we had locked up a suitor for Harrison, but it turns out, he has his own interests. A couple of weeks ago, Harrison hung out with little Tatum DeMooney, whose mom won't start a blog for reasons I don't understand, and he certainly was not shy around her. Per usual, as soon as he could get close to her, he started to sign please. My guess is, I won't be picking a lady out for him because I don't think that he could narrow it down to just one. For now, it seems as though he is playing the field and keeping his options open. What a player...


Matt said...

Looks like Harrison may carry on the tradition of the ole "Brantley Game" that nobody could ever quite figure out ;-)


Joan Brantley said...

I agree with Matt. He may be wearing the bib because he had just eaten when they came in and Nana did not want the cute outfit dirty!