Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poor Blogger

I never really thought that I would enter into the realm of "poor blogging," but alas, I have. On my personal computer at home, I have a slew of super-cute pictures and videos that are just waiting to be posted. Unfortunately, I haven't been home or around my personal computer for about 10 days. At some point, I will catch up with the goings-on of our life. Right now, I feel like our little family is a band of gypsies...only in a Volvo or on a plane. Not so much gypsies, but certainly a form of wanderers. Thus, personal time on my computer just hasn't existed. Anyway, I stole this picture my mom took off of her blog. I thought it was super-cute.


Mark and Lindsay said...

Nonsense Mandy. You are a constant source of inspiration for consistent blogging. So you've been busy, despite the craziness of you life the past few months you have continued to update people on your life and I, for one, love it. See you soon!

Lindsey Jones said...

Just one picture that cute is enough to hold me over for weeks! :)

Joan Brantley said...

I miss this beautiful, precious face soooooo much!