Monday, September 21, 2009

Big on the Pig

This is the face I get when I say, "Say Cheese."
Hanging out with Grandpa Gus.
Harrison was feeding him pineapples and cracking himself up.

I've noticed that my blogging has decreased significantly since moving back to SC, so I am going to try to find time to get back on the blog-bus, as I love having this record of everything. Harrison went for his 18-month check-up today. It feels like it has been forever since he has been to the doctor. You know when they are itty-bitty babies, they go more often, but as he gets older he has to go less frequently. In addition, I don't take him in for every little virus he gets along the way any more. I was really dreading this check-up since I really loved Harrison's last pediatrician. His pediatrician, Dr. Bucknam, wrote the book, Babywise, that I pretty much lived by (and still refer to frequently). At Harrison's one week check-up, I pretty much blurted out that I wanted to start a Babywise Fan Club. I don't think I said it. But I'm sure I wanted to. I know. I'm a freak. Take Babywise away, and he still was a fabulous doctor in an amazing practice. Everyone that works there (Cornerstone Pediatrics) just serves wholeheartedly and oozes friendliness. Clearly, I should star in a commercial for them. Needless to say, I didn't want to trust Harrison with anyone else. I have actually contemplated flying Harrison out to Colorado when I'm working for his well-baby check-ups. I know. That seems absurd. Some people do it for hair. This seems way more important. I'm sure parents tend to feel a little more endeared to there first-born's pediatrician. In a time when I had no idea what to do, how to be a parent, his pediatrician (and nurses) helped guide and assure me. Okay, so the appointment today wasn't bad at all. It did remind me of how much I missed my doctor back in Colorado.

While I do miss certain things about Colorado, I'm super-pumped that Harrison gets to rock t-shirts like the one he has on in the picture and people know what it's all about. I mean it's Piggly Wiggly. His shirt actually reads "I May Be Little, But I'm Still Big On The Pig." I love it.

18 Month Check-Up Stats

27 lbs...70th Percentile

34 1/2 inches...95th Percentile


Mark and Lindsay said...

The "say cheese" face cracks me up everytime I look at your blog now. I laugh out loud - I really love it! Wow, it's like it catches me offguard at first. It is hilarious. What a fantastic personality your sweet boy has! Safe travels. Talk to you soon.

dusty and tammy said...

I might be a little jealous that your ped was the author of Babywise. I'm loving Babywise but would have loved to have been able to ask questions to my dr.

And, the "say cheese" smile is awesome!