Saturday, September 19, 2009

Naked Frog

Harrison has a new-found love for being naked. When he gets out of the bath, he likes for me to put one of his hooded towels on his head. Before I can get him totally dry, he runs around the house like a deranged little frog. He will come to a stand still only while waiting for someone to acknowledge him and laugh, and then he goes back to the races. We usually get a pretty good kick out of it. It's funny until he decides he has to go potty. Luckily, that hasn't happened on my watch...just Adam's. For some reason, when his clothes come off, he goes berserk.


Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Based on the last sentence, he's a typical male!

Leah said...

I think it is a little boy thing! Jack does the same thing. He has a dino towel with a hood and crawls around naked on the floor after his bath. Huh...looks like my house will be this way for many years to come!

Garrett and Allison Reed said...

I'm with Leah...typical boy! I mean, my husband kind of does the same thing! I hope you guys are doing well. I'm calling you today..G and I decided it time to start planning the next Brantley/Reed vacation. I love you! Give that little boy a smooch for me!