Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 The Year of Peace

Since this is the first post of the new year, I thought I would share with our readers, what Adam and I have been thinking about what we yearn for 2010 to look like. Since we were married (4 years ago on the 21st of this month), our lives have been a little bit of a whirlwind. And while I realize part of life is the journey and what you make of it, we are praying that 2010 will be a year of peace for us. Here is a snapshot at what our life has been like. And by no means am I complaining. We have had a wonderful 4 years that we can celebrate everyday. That does not mean it hasn't been hectic, however.

2006: January, Adam and Mandy marry and thus, move into together. February: we add a second dog, Marley, to our family, and she may have been the worst puppy ever. In fact, we even tried to give her away. But we loved her too much to be able to handle that. April, Adam starts the application process to be a Chick-fil-A operator. Mayish, Adam is selected as an operator where we learn we will be moving to Denver. July, we sell our town home in Charleston. August, we pack up and drive to Denver.
2007: Adam has a couple of months under his belt as a new operator; Summer, Mandy and Adam learn that we are expecting our first child (a surprise to a lot of people, including us).
2008: March, Harrison is born; Fallish...Adam starts the relocation process to get us back to SC.
2009: Still very much into relocation process with Chick-fil-A; celebrate Harrison's birthday and put the house on the market; May, Adam is selected as an operator in Murrells Inlet, SC (woohoo) June, Mandy has emergency surgery; June 15th, Adam, Mandy, Harrison, Joan, and the dogs pack up and drive across country. The last 6 months of 2009 was spent in a tiny rental house, while house hunting, and Mandy traveling for work more than ever.
In no way, am I complaining. Adam and I are just ready to feel settled. And as I write this, I wonder if that is what the Lord wants for us at any point in life. Settling also seems a little like complacency. That I know, the Lord does not want for us. But I do feel like he wants us to feel like we are living in a time of Peace every now and then. So, Lord, that is the desire of our hearts. Even though I am about to spend 2010 with my son turning seems backwards to hope for a year of Peace. But I feel like we can claim it. And so we will...


Joan Brantley said...

Harrison looks so much older in these photos. Absolutely precious, I miss him already. He gives me so much joy!!

Leah said...

He is so big and his hair is getting so long! He is beautiful (for a boy!!!). Good luck finding "peace" with a 2 year old boy...hahaha. I love you!

Mark and Lindsay said...

I was going to say the same thing...He does look older - and very handsome to boot.

More importantly when I am reminded of what your life has been for the last four years, I must say, Mandy, you have handled all that with such grace. Just half that would have sent me into a tailspin :) From motherhood to work to friendships, your consistency and priorities have been extremely admirable. Well done, friend. Here's to peace in 2010!

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

I hope you find peace and, if you do, will you pass some this way? :)

Daniel and Carrie Moore said...

I realize this is a really old post but I just discovered your blog. It looks like Pawleys is treating you well. We are moving to Greenville in a few weeks!! But wanted to let you know that your whirlwind first few years of marriage I can totally relate with! I do hope that 2010 has been peaceful thus far and that we get to see you soon! :)