Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monkey Tales

I've noticed that every time I get on the phone with Greenie (see The Reed Family Blog), the first thing we do is share funny tales of what our kids are doing. Today, I shared a funny story, which also doubled as my most embarrassing moment since college. I know that I'm not going to do it justice, because it was far more embarrassing than I could begin to describe.
Here goes: This Sunday at church, after picking up Harrison from the nursery, I took him into the service for communion. After we received communion, and everyone else did, the music ended. At that point, there was that awkward silent pause in between communion and the rest of the service. Insert paper ruffles, and oh, a very large belch from my 21 month old son. Immediately, I put my hand over his mouth, and then I hid my face behind his back. I was shaking violently because I was laughing so hard (but not making a noise...you know that laugh). I could feel all of the eyes in the congregation staring at me. I'm sure they were thinking that it was Adam because of the re-verb that it caused. Not really re-verb, but the type of burps exits my son's body are just so big for such a little man. As we were leaving church, the man in front of us (with four kids, mind you) said, "Man, I've heard some burps in my day, but that was stout." I literally, wanted to crawl in a hole. As a side note, you have to know that I don't encourage my son to burp. I will admit, there are times that I have to turn my head so I can snicker where he can't see or hear (Adam says that he can see me). Either way, we make him say excuse me, but I haven't quite figured out how to get him to just NOT do it altogether. But I haven't really figured that out for myself yet, either. I know that I spent the first year of his life celebrating his burps, so I'm sure that he is confused by it.
As a note about the pictures, I have to apologize again for posting so many pictures. I can never decide which one is the cutest, so I just put all of them on here. Do you think he likes his monkey?


Leah said...

a boy after his own mama...remember meeting neil for the first time...noises out of another hole but hey...air gotta get out somehow! that is too funny!

Joan Brantley said...

They can see and hear even when you think they are not paying attention!It is like a sixth sense for toddlers!

dusty and tammy said...

ha! Noah's favorite thing to do almost every Sunday is to have a major loud poopy diaper during the prayer time of the church service. Inevitably, it gets quite a few laughs---even from across the room. They like the quiet times to do the loud noises!