Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ellie and Harrison

Sweet toddlers hanging out
The two kiddos about to embrace

Harrison played with little Elliot (see The Ables Family blog) for the first time today and I think he may be a little smitten with her. At first, Harrison is a little shy around everyone, which he clearly must have inherited from me. But after a few moments, Harrison was ready to hug and hold hands with little Ellie. And I have to say, she is adorable. She is going to be a heart breaker one day. The sweet part about this story is after we got home from hanging with Elliot today, Adam was saying Harrison's prayers, and the first thing he (Adam) prayed for was Elliot. This was totally unprompted. In fact, we hadn't even discussed her or her family, or even her presence at the party on the car ride home. It was so thoughtful and endearing...

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Mark and Lindsay said...

They are cute, cute, cute together! That is really sweet. Elliot says thanks for the prayers :)