Saturday, July 24, 2010


Like there was ever a question anyway...I was right. We are having a boy. Adam should have known better than to disagree with me. Either way, Harrison is going to have a little brother. I am so excited. I always envisioned myself as a mom of boys, and since this will be the last little addition to our family, I think it will stay that way. I love the first picture since he has his hand right up next to his face. As soon as we turned the ultrasound machine on, it looked like he was waving at us (which could be due to the sweet tea I consumed prior to the ultrasound), and Harrison waved back. It was so cute. Having Harrison in the room with us was so special. I thought he knew exactly what was going on until we were done. He jumped up in the chair, pulled up his shirt, and said, "My turn." I nearly peed my pants. The other picture is a neat picture because of the detail you can see, but a little bit scary because he looks like an alien from the movie, Independence Day.

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Andrea Martin said...

Yay! I am so excited for y'all! All of my pregnant friends recently have found out they're having boys, thus making my chances of another boy slimmer and slimmer. Of course, a girl will be awesome too...but I'm still holding out for a boy :) Regardless, I'm super pumped for the Brantley's!