Monday, July 19, 2010

Monkey See....

Monkey see, monkey do is an appropriate way to label this current phase of Harrison's life. He wants to say and do anything and everything that we are doing or that older kids are doing. It is hilarious and scary all at the same time. I'm sure there will be some interesting H quotes that will surface on to this blog.
On another note, I just received Year 2 of my "Meet Harrison Brantley" book series. In case you are curious, the series is the contents of this blog, but in book form. Adam got the great idea last year on Mother's Day, to print the whole first year of Harrison's life, which I captured on the blog in book form. And it was such a great idea. For those of you who know me well and follow the blog, you know the probability of me creating a cute baby-book was slim, but also know that I don't spare any details on the blog. So wala....I have an amazing baby book. He created it from and it is super easy in case y'all want to do it. Year 2's book is 100 pages shorter than Year 1's, which makes me a little concerned about Baby 2. Something else that concerns me, now that I have had the chance to peruse my book, is the number of grammar/spelling mistakes that I made. Seriously, like I would put here when I meant to put hear. Really? I know much better than that. Apparently, my fingers type what they want. So, mom (or anyone else for that matter)....I'm giving you free reign to correct me. I need it. I am a terrible proofreader and apparently my fingers spell on their own, when my brain knows the correct form/spelling. Plus, I can't have Harrison reading back over these books and seeing that his mom isn't the lyrical gangsta that she professes to be.
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