Thursday, July 22, 2010

There is what in my belly?

As we approach the day that we get to find out what is growing inside my belly, Harrison continues to have his own thoughts about what is in my belly, and well, what is in his. He tends to think that he has a baby growing in his belly too. To date, the funniest things that have come out of this kid's mouth are related to the upcoming member of our family. The other day, my belly looked bigger than usual. I pointed it out to Harrison and his response was, " in mama's belly!" Here is our conversation on the way to school this morning:
M: Tomorrow, we get to find out what is in mommy's belly. What do you think is in there?
H: George!
M: George...I don't think so. There definitely isn't a monkey growing in my belly.
H: Maybe so...
M: Ugh...maybe not. I was thinking more along the lines of a brother or sister.
H: Brother (which is what I have been thinking, and I was shocked to hear H say this as he has been rooting for a girl all along)
M: A brother! That's great. That is what I think too.
H: My baby girl.
M: You have know idea what you are talking about, do you.
H: Maybe so...
Either way, the jury is still out on what we are having. We changed our appointment from Monday to tomorrow...I'm the worst. I hate surprises. And clearly I can't even wait until 20 weeks like the rest of the world. We have a house-divided on what we are having. Adam is 100% sure that it is a girl. I am 100% sure we are having a boy. And well, Harrison is 50/50, though he has been rooting for Team Pink. I guess we will just have to see tomorrow...though I have a hunch, the baby isn't going to cooperate.
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