Friday, December 10, 2010

Cooking with H

Harrison and I have been doing lots of cooking recently together. He is a lot of fun to cook with, and it is a really good lesson for patience for me....a lesson that I cannot learn too often. Just the other day, when I took these pictures, here is how a portion of our conversation unfolded.
M: H, take that bowl off of your head. I have to cook with it and I don't want your hair in that bowl.
H: Nope. It is my hat.
M: If you don't take it off of your head, I'm going to have to take a picture of you (which usually results in a NOOOOOOO).
H: Okay, mommy. Cheeese. (See top two pictures)
M: Oh, let me get one more so I can see your whole apron.
H: No mommy. No more pictures. I take bowl off my head. (snap picture #3). Mommy...listen to me. I said no more pictures.
M: Oh, it is cute. You are so cute, Harrison. Do you want to see it?
H: Mommy. No. Why you not listen to me? Me took bowl off my head.
I'm fairly confident this is the first time he has ever asked me a question about listening to him. But I have a hunch of where he gets it from...
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