Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Final Countdown...

Harrison as the life of the Chick-fil-A Christmas Party. And of course, I forgot my camera, so this is taken with my phone.

Well, I'm on the home stretch. As I write this post, I'm straddling the 35/36 week mark. Because I'm most likely to be induced, I would imagine I have exactly four weeks left. If all goes according to Adam's prediction, baby Fisher will make his appearance on December 28th. I'm thinking January 4th. For 90% of this pregnancy I've been hoping to get as close to my due date (Jan 9th) as possible so I can get his birthday as far away from holidays as possible. All of that has changed. I want him out. And I think I want him home too. The jury is still out on that one. I mean I do, but I'm not sure that I'm ready for it. For the past couple of days, I've been battling a sinus infection, and since I can't take any medicine, it has left me relatively miserable and without sleep. I don't think I signed up for the lack of sleep...yet. In addition, being fat has its drawbacks. Most importantly, I can't do half the things that I want to. My belly gets in the way...or my inability to catch my breath plagues all activities. I was telling Adam that I don't remember being this miserable with Harrison, when I figured out, that having Harrison around makes it harder to be large. When I was this pregnant with him, I was only responsible for keeping myself alive. Now, not only do I have to make sure H is alive, but I have to change his sheets frequently (which has bed rails), dress him, play with him, and get him in and out of the car. These seemingly mindless activities, are 100x times harder when you have a lot of extra weight on you.
I'm not complaining. Well, yes I am. But I'm so thankful to be pregnant. I was reminded the other day by my small group leader that I had a miracle baby inside of me. How quickly I forgot! We defied the odds and got pregnant! So, I'm super thankful for this time.
For now, I'm just trying to prepare for all things "new." With the new year, we will have a new baby, a new blog, and just a totally new dynamic to our family. I'm filled with excitement as I think about Harrison becoming a big brother. He is more and more into it everyday. I think having Fisher's nursery "set-up," (which I use loosely), has made Harrison realize that Fisher is coming sooner vs later. Multiple times a day, he lifts up my shirt to look at my belly, rubs his head on my belly, and says, "Love You Baby Fisher." Ah...melts my heart every time. I'm so thankful that Fisher is going to have a brother like Harrison...what a lucky kid.


devonspires said...

Oh..... don't know if you have a new blog name... was thinking:
The Brantley Boys
or Two Brantley Boys
Not too creative, but it has a nice "ring to it" haha :) bab

devonspires said...

By the way... I have no idea what the "BAB" at the end of the post is! and where it came from!?!! LOL !! :)

Leah said...

it will be here before you know it. then you will forget what its like to be big and preggo and think "how am I going to do this with two boys?". i love you MANDI! can't wait to see that sweet baby boy.

devonspires said...

Oh.... "The Brantley Bunch" was funny too! :) BTW... sorry I'm giving your ideas about your blog name so late... just thought of them :)