Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lots of Visitors

Harrison and Emerson eating dinner together
Harrison loving on sweet Harper, who is probably the most laid back girl I have ever met. And I wanted to chew on those cheeks of hers...I mean, look at them. Maybe not chew...but lots of kisses.
Over the past few weeks we have had a revolving door of visitors (which we love). First, Matt and Allyn came to visit. And unfortunately, I didn't capture a picture, but I will say that Harrison legitimately had a crush on Allyn. It was so bizarre...not that she isn't worthy. But I've never seen my child act like this before around anyone. And after she left, he wanted to call her. In fact, he did. And when he called her, he proclaimed his love for her on her voicemail. After he hung up he said, "Mom, why Allyn not say anything back to me." Of course I explained that he just left her a message. But I wouldn't be lying if I didn't go into why he needs to guard his heart and not tell just any girl (not that you are "just any girl" Allyn) he loves her. I may have even gone deeper to try to scare him away from girls. Seriously, the thought of a girl breaking my son's heart makes me want to punch someone. Thankfully, we won't have to worry about that for a while.
Two of my good friends, Kelly (with her daughter, Harper) and Karen came to visit last weekend. Adam got to get away to Charleston and do guy things without the presence of a wife or kids...which I'm sure he needed. And lastly, the Reeds have been frequent visitors to our household. Words cannot express how happy this makes my heart. Since Allison and I graduated from college, we both went in our separate directions geographically. So, to have her nearby and able to visit has literally made my year. If you don't know Allison need to get to know her. She is, by far, one of the most amazing people I know. And for that reason, I'm elated to have her daughter marry Harrison. I mean, I know arranged marriages aren't kosher these days. But seriously, it makes sense now that I have kids of my own. Okay, okay. I know it is ridiculous. In fact, if you saw them in action together, you would think..."ain't no way are they going to get married." And they probably won't. They are going to be forced to take vacations together for the next 15 years, so I'm sure they won't be so keen on each other (until college).


Leah said...

I do know that Ali girl you are talking about and she IS pretty darn too! we need some major GLB time soon!

Garrett and Allison Reed said...

Amen to GLB time!!! How amazing would it be to have a GLB trip sans children (not that our kids aren't great). And you two are making me feel great about myself. Thanks for all the love. Clearly I think you are both amazing. LOVE!!!!