Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nine Month Update



I love at this point in a baby's life acknowledging that he or she has been out as long as he or she was in the womb. But I just realized, that isn't true. Frankly, you are pregnant for 40 weeks...I'm not mathematician, but that doesn't add up to just nine months...just saying. Anyway, we went to the doctor last Friday for his check-up and he passed with flying colors. However, the most bizarre thing happened: when Fisher got his two shots, he just stared at the nurse with a death stare. I've never seen this face. But he looked like he wanted to stab her. He didn't cry. She said that was the first time that ever happened to her. I tried to imagine what he was thinking by putting an imaginary bubble over his head with his thoughts...they all had nasty words in them. So, I'll keep them to myself. Here are my man-baby's stats (he's overtaking Harrison):
Weight 20 lbs, 13 ozs, 50th percentile (this was shocking to me...I was sure he was more)
Height 30 1/2 inches, greater than 95th percentile (not shocking...he's super long...wearing 12-18 months)
Head 47 1/2, 94th percentile (explains why shirts are a little tricky over the head these days)
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Allyn said...

Mandy, Fisher is so darn cute! That's hilarious that he just gave the nurse a death stare. I love it.