Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Rarity



Since Fisher was five months old, he has almost refused to nap anywhere but his bed. The newborn stage is so easy when they will nap in their car seats, etc. Fisher is my strong-willed child. Even if he is dog tired, he will stay awake. I think he is afraid of missing the action. Adam and I were saying how fortunate we are that we have a baby that, when he gets tired, laughs excessively. He doesn't cry. He just laughs...a lot. So when he is refusing to nap on the go, he's darn cute while he refuses. All that to say, yesterday, we managed to get him to sleep in the stroller while at Harrison's soccer game. This was most definitely a rarity. I could have stared at him for hours.
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Hannah Alexander said...

I ADORE these photos... you are right, nothing better than being able to stare at a sleeping baby and he is the sweetest. Your photos have taken a step up lately, too- amazing!!! The ones of Harrison in the raincoat and Fisher's sweet eyes- WOWOW.