Sunday, October 2, 2011

Such a Distraction




I was working in the yard yesterday with Fisher by my side, which presents multiple challenges at his age. He likes to put everything in his mouth. And since he is on the go, you can't really just put it out of his arm's reach. And in the yard, there are multiple hazards...plants, insects, dog name is out there, and probably not okay for even a moment in his mouth. I brought his stroller out, hoping it would be a distraction and just let him investigate it. He loves to check things out that aren't toys (I find this very annoying). So for about 30 minutes, he just stood by his stroller, playing with everything. I walked over to look at him and his eyes just captivated me. I can't believe how beautiful his eyes are. And as cheesy as it sounds, when I look in his eyes, I can see the joy that he has for life. So yes, maybe I'm bragging about my boy's eyes. But moms do that.
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SRS said...

he is so stinkin cute