Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2K8

Father's Day has been an absolute blast. We started off this morning with a great breakfast and Harrison's first attempt in the Jumper, aka Johnny Jump-Up, aka Door Way Jumpster (see photo). Then we went up to Indian Peaks for a hike and fly-fishing for Adam. It was a really quick trip (well, we walked almost 6 miles, which wasn't quick at all to me), but it was so fun to be outdoors in the Great Rocky Mountains with our son. We found a little lake that we love and I am sure that we will be back soon. Harrison also found a friend that he absolutely loves to talk to. His name is Eddie the Elephant, and yep, he's purple. There is a photo included of him gazing at him on our hike back down today. Enjoy the pics and my sweet husband's first Father's Day!

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Sherry Martschink said...

In the picture with the elephant, Harrison looks so much older than it seems like he ought to be! Time flies!!!!! Glad to see Adam is using the stroller-running-thing. Does Harrison like the jumper-think? As you can see, I don't know the official names of any of these new-fangled things.