Monday, June 30, 2008

Harrison Takes a Dip

We made a trip to Birmingham for Julie and Clay's wedding and we decided to have Harrison take his first little swim in a pool. He was a little tired when we went swimming, but I think he loved it. He didn't cry at all. Hopefully this will be the first of many swims. Adam and I LOVE the water, so Harrison is bound to love it.


Leah said...

umm nice suit Mandy...i think i remember it from like way back in the freshman college days....maybe you need a new one!! Hahaha! Such a cutie.

Amy said...

uh...I'm commenting on Leah's comment aren't suppose to have a baby then be able to wear a suit you wore as a freshman! That's just not right!!!

*secretly crossing fingers that happens to me*

I'm concerned Harrison borrowed some of Rod's fabric for this suit and his hat. I can't tell but it looks a bit hawaiian!