Friday, June 6, 2008

Harrison Causes a Stir

So Harrison and I made a trip to the Colorado Department of Revenue yesterday to do some tax stuff for Adam's store. Well, the Department of Revenue is equivalent to the DMV as far as excitement goes. Everyone just sits in a room, stares at a wall (because no cell phones are allowed) and waits for their number to be called. Needless to say, the room is quiet and awkward. To help ease the tensions, Harrison decides to start cooing as loud as he possibly can over and over again. People start to giggle, I start to get a little embarrassed, and Harrison continues to get louder. He finally quiets for about 3 minutes, then he lets out a fairly loud "bottom burp," as Puff calls it. It vibrates on his car seat to make it extra loud. The room erupts with laughter. I get really embarrassed. He does it one more time. At this point, it seemed like they were never going to call my number. Finally, they did. And we left the Colorado Department of Revenue, but not without Harrison leaving his mark!


Leah said...

Typical boy- especially Mandy's boy!!!

Ashley said...

Remember that time we sat in the DMV to change our names? Remember that sketchy man who wouldn't let us look at his newspaper? Good times. I'm glad Harrison could leave his mark. He's just like his mom!

Liz said...