Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweet Harrison

The Brantley house has been busy recently getting ready for Adam's Guest Appreciation Week next week at his Chick-fil-A. Thus, I haven't really been taking too many photos of Harrison. Here are some that I snapped of him this morning. I apologize for the fuzzy pic. I am still trying to figure out my camera. If I have the flash on, it totally changes the color of the picture (giving Harrison hair that appears red), but if I have the flash off, it turns in to a fuzzy picture. I have a lot to learn about photography! There is also a picture from the other day of Harrison on his surfboard in Clemson onesie. Adam puts him in this onesie every time that he dresses Harrison and it is clean. He says he wants to get his money's worth (if you don't remember from a previous posting, that is the only article of clothing that Adam bought Harrison). Oh, and I feel like Harrison is on the verge of rolling over (though it may be a month). I can't wait to post about it when he actually does. For now, I am happy to see that his bobble-head is getting less "bobbly."

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Singz4Fun2 said...

Harrison is so cute! Love the second picture of him smiling.
Amy Zielke