Thursday, July 31, 2008

Harrison Eats Solids...well sort of

Harrison is on Day 3 of solids. I wanted to quit after day one because I am confident that 100% of the rice cereal ended up on his face, the bib, and all over me. I was motivated to try Day 2 because I didn't want Harrison to be the kid in kindergarden eating blended food out of a bottle because his mom was too frusturated to try to feed him out of a spoon again. And I figured since someone taught me how, I only owe the same to my son. So, I made a second attempt and now a third! Woohoo! And it is getting easier! Our parents were right...practice does make perfect. Well, in this case, not perfect, but better. I will have to say that it is a learning process for mom and baby. I had no idea that it could be this hard to get food into a child's mouth. It is rather difficult for you who have no idea. I wasn't even sure how to position the spoon. I have tried to put it straight on his tongue and I have tried to rest it between his lips. As you can see on the video, I am already having to find ways to stop him from shoving the spoon in his mouth himself. It really is too funny. He is used to taking a bottle so fast, that he gets relatively agitated when I don't spoon the food into his mouth quickly. Today, he started to grunt and kick his legs wildly in between each mouthful because he is so excited for the next spoonful. I hope you enjoy the videos. Remember: we are both learning how this feeding process works.


Sherry Martschink said...

The videos are hilarious! I love 'em! I believe he has a healthy appetite (guess he takes after this grandma, huh?)

Leah said...

i think that God tells little babies in the womb to "steal spoon away from mom when she tries to feed you". why is it that they all do that? it makes for some really fun and messy times!!! we always had to feed jack with a towel under him, naked, and then straight to the bath for everyone!!! fun times!