Friday, August 1, 2008

Harrison and Chewy Make Good

As many of the avid "Meet Harrison Brantley" blog followers know by now, Chewy is still learning to love Harrison. Chewy accepts change, but her actions show that she is slightly oblivious to it. We all know that Chewy knows exactly what is going on, but it is like if she ignore it (Harrison), maybe it (Harrison) will go away. One thing is for sure, Harrison isn't going away. We all know that Marley loves Harrison, but Chewy's love has been questionable...until today. First, let me explain that Harrison is so intrigued by Chewy (way more than Marley). I am not sure if it is her hair or if it is because she pants so much, Harrison thinks that Chewy is always smiling at him. He is forever smiling and babbling to her. The sweet boy has no idea that Chewy just wants him to disappear. Well, here are some pictures that I snapped today of Harrison talking to Chewy, and believe it or not, Chewy was warming up to him.

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Liz said...

This might be my favorite post!
How adorable is this?!