Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Does He Switch?

He loves his phone. He likes to talk, well, yell at whomever he is talking to on the other line.
By the way, where did he get that big mouth?
This is the cart that he likes to push around.
Monkey is definitely reaping the benefits. It sure beats getting pulled around by his tail in Harrison's mouth.

Is Harrison a Toddler? I am not sure when the exact transition occurs. I am reading a book right now that it about toddlers and it covers 12 months-40 months. One thing I am sure about is that I am not going to be able to count in months much longer. 40 months? I don't even know how old that is. I remember when I made the transition from counting in weeks to months. It was about 10 weeks. I couldn't keep track nor did I know what day it was, so it was hard to figure out exactly how many weeks he was. Back to the toddler it determined by age or mannerisms. I am thinking that he is on the verge, if not already a toddler based on mannerisms. He is going through this clingy, exploration, keep-mom-on-her-toes phase. I know this is just the beginning, but, whew, it is exhausting. When changing his diaper, I have to pretend that I am wrestling an alligator to get the job done. My distraction tactics of singing and giving him something obscure (aka, not really allowed to play with) to hold on to, are going down the toilet. Monkey doesn't even do the trick anymore. He also is fussing a lot more. What happened to my sweet, content, and mellow baby? He may still be sweet, but content and mellow are hidden behind a little being that moves faster than a tiger. Right now, I am trying to teach him to deal with difficult situations. For example, when he pushes his little cart around and runs into something, he generally collapses and cries until someone helps him. So, I am trying to teach him to figure it out himself, preferably without the tears. Anyway, so I am going to keep on calling him "my baby," probably until he goes to college, but is he a toddler? I just don't know.


Sherry said...

Well, I think I am reaching the toddler stage. :) It's a different kind of "toddling" though.

Joan Brantley said...

Mandy, remember the book, the one that says "my baby you will always be", I was reading it the other night thinking about how time has flown by, I still have many sleepless nights thinking about my three babies. Their heartaches are mine, even after 26, 23, or 19 years!! What I would give to have those years back.