Monday, March 30, 2009

Wounded Soldier Weekend

My wounded soldier is still as happy as could be

Loving the tent
I'm not sure who had more fun

Harrison definitely turned into a full-fledged boy this weekend. Well, I guess, technically, he was one before, but he didn't really have the experiences that really turn him into a boy...does that even make sense? Probably not.
This weekend I got a phone call from one of my friends who asked me if Harrison had started walking yet. I explained that he wasn't, but I really wasn't ready for him to start falling down, running into things, etc yet, so I was kind of glad that he still remains on all fours. Well, I spoke to soon. Apparently, you don't need to be bi-ped to injure yourself. Within 30 minutes of that conversation, Harrison had a bruise on the top of his head from where he crawled straight into my bed (while trying to go under it). He hit it pretty hard, but didn't cry at all. He just put his hand on his head and let out a huge sigh (which was cute, but surprising). I took Harrison outside to Adam just to see if he thought he was okay. And he was, so we just hung out with Adam while he did some work. Harrison was crawling around on the concrete, when his hand missed where it was going (I don't really know what he was trying to do), and all of the sudden, he was on his face. Well, this did make him cry. And bruise. And bleed. I wanted to cry. One minute later, he was fine...well, still bleeding, but he wanted his revenge on the concrete. 15 minutes later, Adam was upstairs changing his diaper, when Harrison decided to do a nose-dive off of his chair, into the corner of his table. I think he cried, but over the course of an hour, he had injured himself three times and for the most part, handled it like a champ.

The next day, Adam decided he wanted to set-up his tent in the house so he and Harrison could play in it. He saw this at our friend's house and thought it was the best idea. I didn't, but whatever. So, Harrison and Adam pitched the tent and hung out and did "boy" stuff. Whatever that may be, Adam was glad to have this "man" experience with him.


Sherry said...

The tent in the house is great idea! I can't wait for him to visit here to play in the tent-like things with all of the colorful balls.

Hannah Alexander said...

Oh, oh, oh... those blue eyes...

dusty and tammy said...

He still looks precious even though he has battle wounds!
And, we love the tent in the living room. Dusty and I have had several date nights where we have set up a tent in our living room and pretended to camp out (the opening faces the tv so we can fall asleep watching a movie together, so it really looks and feels NOTHING like real camping, but it's still fun) :)