Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is This What You Talk About?

Nine times out of ten, when Adam asks me who I am talking to on the phone, it is usually Allison. He doesn't really understand what I could possibly be talking to Allison about so frequently. Sometimes we talk for 2 minutes, sometimes it is 2 hours. I've started to feel like recently, that someone should record our conversations...they are certainly book worthy. Here is a recent one:

Allison: "Mandy, you should see Emerson's hair. It has gotten so long."

Mandy: "Please don't let it grow into a mullet and then ask me later what I think of it. I will feel compelled to say it is cute. But it isn't."

Allison: "Ugh...I wouldn't do that."

Mandy: "I'm just saying. I know you are proud that your child's hair is growing finally, as I was, but that doesn't mean you can abandon style."

Allison: "Mandy...seriously, I think Emerson needs highlights."

Mandy: "What?"
Allison: "Yeah, she has that hair color, that needs highlights. Like yours. I also think she needs some serious concealer."

I can't remember what we talked about after that, but I can't stop laughing about our conversations. That is, indeed, what we talk about. Random stuff. Well, and then, we talk about what it is going to be like when our kids get married... you know, the usual stuff.


Hannah Alexander said...

You should have said, "Well Harrison has natural highlights, so boo-yah"

Elizabeth Ann said...


It has been forever! Blog stalking you at work this morning and LOVE this post. So funny! My best friend and I are the same way -- yet not talking about kids. Love it!

Take care,
elizabeth ann