Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Craft

Harrison hated having anything (paint or icing on his hands)
All of the kids in class during the party.

Some of the crafts

I'm sure everyone has been waiting on pins and needles to know what I did in the classroom for Valentine's Day. After perusing numerous websites that cited themselves as "Easy Toddler Crafts," I high-tailed it to AC Moore where the professionals are. I hit the Valentines aisle. I picked up 10 foam hearts. And then I went to an associate and asked for help. I handed her the heart and said, "this is what I have so far, now what should I do?" She explained something and then said, "But first you'll have to hot-glue this at home before taking it to class." I immediately explained that I did not have a hot-glue gun (though I would like one) and the only kind of adhesive I can use at home without buying anything is scotch tape and hairspray. She actually said that she was surprised that "someone like me" even ventured into AC Moore. I replied with "Thanks," though I acknowledge that was no compliment at all. Anyway, after the AC Moore Craft Guru finished with me, I was on my way with hearts, paint, foam monkeys, and magnets. In class, I painted the kids' hands and put their hand prints on the hearts. The hearts have magnets on the back, so they can be displayed proudly on the fridge. I wish I had a picture of the other mom that volunteered to help me. Without her, I would have been doomed.

Here is what I learned:
  1. Don't volunteer to do a craft by yourself...that would be impossible

  2. You should write the name of the kids on the back of the crafts before starting if you are doing anything with paint, glue, etc (which I did...disaster averted there)

  3. Volunteer to do a craft in a different class from your child...Harrison was not okay with me painting other kids' hands.

  4. 1-2 year-old classrooms smell like poopy diapers at all times of the day

  5. Poopy Diapers still make me gag

  6. The associates at AC Moore are on a different craft-lingo level than I am
  7. I need to buy a hot-glue gun

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Mark and Lindsay said...

I am so glad you posted about your craft...I have been wondering. First, kudos on a good little craft. I never responded to your initial request because I spent 20 minutes looking for various "toddler" crafts for you and all of them seemed too complicated, so I quit...sorry. Second, you do need a hot glue gun, it is one of those things you will love once you have one. Perhaps a belated Valentine's gift - I'll drop Adam the hint :)