Monday, April 5, 2010


So excited to find eggs; this was the face that he gave for each one he found
As soon as he entered the grassy area, this girl wanted to take his basket.
He was so concerned; I told him to get used to it.

We have definitely outdone ourselves with all things eggs this past week. Harrison had a Easter egg hunt at school. We skipped the church egg hunt on Saturday morning to go to the beach (I know, pray for our salvation later). But we did go to one over at Litchfield Plantation later that afternoon. Harrison found a silver egg (that had money in it), but later, it mysteriously disappeared from his basket. I'm sure the big kids had something to do with that. Harrison is going to have to step-up his competitive edge if he plans on getting more eggs next year. He would see an egg, gasp, point to it to show me, and then turn around, only to find another child running away with the oval prize he had his eyes on.

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