Monday, April 26, 2010


First of all, it has been forever and a day since I have posted. I don't really even have time for it now, but I am going to find a way. Saturday, a week ago, we moved into our new house. We have finally made a permanent home. And I'm not interested in moving for a very long time. And when that day does come, I'm selling all of my stuff with the house. I think I am going to enter into a whole new level of purge. I don't even consider myself much of a saver. Sometimes, I throw away too much. Anyway, I'm tired of this business.
Admist all of our moving, Harrison has kept us thoroughly entertained. We have had to resort to letting him sit in our cars and pretend to drive while we unpack. We can keep him locked in there and he is happy as he could be.
As soon as we get settled, we'll take the "family in front of the new house" picture. I know everyone is just chomping at the bit to see that. Sarcasm.
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dusty and tammy said...

considering I'm commenting less than 5 minutes after you posted this, I guess you can say that I'm chomping at the bit to see pictures of the new house :)
Have fun getting settled. I, too, HATE packing/unpacking!

Lizzie said...

"We keep him locked in there..." Sounds like a great parenting technique, I'll be sure to remember that one!

I hope I get to see your new house being that I haven't seen any of the other one's since James Island. Does that even mean we're friends anymore?

Meg said...

um.... this post is exactly why i love you and feel a special bond between us! Chris and I need to come visit you guys this summer, even for a day trip! I hope we get to see yall soon!