Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Maintaining Relationships

I've started thinking about how hard it is to create, and even maintain relationships when you have a toddler at home. I remember that I never wanted to be someone who talks on the phone with a child yelling or talking loudly in the background. And let's be real, if Harrison is talking, it is loud. Even though Harrison can be very quiet when I'm on the phone, half of my attention is still on him. So, even if I do get to talk to friends, I'm hardly as present as I should be. And it got me thinking...relationships that are still growing (with friends and family) at the end of the toddler season, are built to last. For me, it is really hard to not be able to chat with all of my friends all of the time. But, when Harrison is asleep or at school, I have work or stuff around the house that needs to get done. And then for my friends that have normal, 9-5 jobs, they can only talk around 6:00 or 7:00 which, as those with kids know, is a crazy time in a household. We are trying to eat, deal with a crazed 2 year old, and hopefully begin winding down process before too late. I guess this is a thank-you to my friends and family who have been patient and understanding (especially when I practically have to hang up on you to rush off to something). And for those I haven't called back, I'm sorry. I am not intentionally ignoring you; I've probably just forgotten. Feel free to bother me until I call you back. But it is worth it...look how cute this kid is!
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Julie said...

I am so blessed by your friendship Manders! I think we need to get on that cabin idea ASAP! I got your message yesterday and want to catch up with you this weekend! Praying for you, Adam, Harrison and Baby Fisher!

Love you friend.