Monday, March 14, 2011

2 Month Check-Up Stats

We went for Fisher's two month check-up about a week ago. I can't believe it has been two months. It definitely goes by a lot faster the second time around. I'm already having a hard time keeping up with his age in weeks.

Weight: 13 lbs, 1 ounce (.5 less than Harrison at this age) in the 80th percentile
Height: 24 1/4 inches (1 inch longer than Harrison at this age) in the 90th percentile
Head Circumfrence: 41 cm in the 70th percentile (all I know is that H was in the 40th percentile for here)
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Sass said...

i. love. him. and. you

The Brantley Boys said... made me so happy to see you this weekend. Seriously, let's hang out more often.